Costco is coming to Wheaton whether gas station is approved or not.  According to a report in this week’s Gazette Newspaper.

Costco has notified the county executives that they will come to Wheaton with or without the proposed gas station.  The request to fast track the gas station approval has been withdrawn and Costco has agreed to proceed with the longer approval process.  Approval for the store and the gas station will proceed separately.

This is great for Wheaton and Westfield Wheaton.  I think this store will bring much needed revenue to the area and of course JOBS.

A majority of County Council members oppose a plan to speed up the process of bringing a Costco warehouse store and gas station to the Westfield Wheaton Shopping Center by skipping the normal zoning procedure.  What do you think?

I support the plans for Costco to open at Westfiled Wheaton Mall and reuse the long vacant Hecht’s space.  I believe this will be good for Wheaton and can also help with efforts to find developers needed to spur and continue Wheaton’s Redevelopment Plans.  But, I support the council’s opposition to fast tracking Costco.  The environmental impact of the proposed gas station should be studied thoroughly before any approvals are given.  I want to see Wheaton grow.  I want to see the redevlopment efforts succeed.   Wheaton has one of the largest business districts in the county and with successful redevelopment efforts, Wheaton can become a vibrant community with a healthy, walkable downtown business district.  Let’s make sure we do it right!

The County Council, which will have a public hearing 7:30 p.m. May 20 in the Stella B. Werner Council building’s seventh floor, 100 Maryland Ave., Rockville. The public hearing was postponed this week from April 20 to May 20.

What’s your opinion?

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A majority of Montgomery County Council members support spending $4 million to subsidize the opening of a Costco in the Westfield Wheaton Shopping Center. Costco wants to include a gas station at the site, what’s your opinion?

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Costco is considering opening a new store in Wheaton.  The proposal would be to use the old Hecht’s site to redevelop into the new Costco store.  Working with Westfield, the estimated cost would be $50M and Montgomery County is being asked to contribute $4M towards the construction costs.  The county is currently considering this proposal.

There has been a lot of discussion as to whether this would contribute to the overall plans for the Wheaton Redevelopment efforts or not.  Redevelopment efforts have stalled recently due to budget concerns and the overall economic outlook, but the recent closing of Safeway and plans to redeveloped that sight along with the possibility of Costco coming to Wheaton may just revitalize plans.

The county contribution is not without precedence, the county  contributed $6M to build a parking garage for the Macy’s expansion.

Costco locating in Wheaton would have the benefit of bringing thousands of shoppers to Wheaton who would otherwise shop at their current locations in Gaithersburg and Beltsville, help stabilize the mall and bring an estimated 475 jobs.